Traditional Art of Meditation in movement

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Inspiring theory and practice on traditional Art of meditation in movement

Samara yoga is an art of meditation in movement. It is at the same time a traditional and model form of Raja yoga. Retour ligne automatique
The heart of the practice are the Major ArKanas. This word means "secret". indeed, it is though the practice that the secrets and effets reveal themselves naturally to the practitioners. Retour ligne automatique
Samara yoga enable to better know and inhabit this instrument of our incarnation which is our physical body. It relaxes the muscles from the unnecessary tensions and gives the tonus needed for activity. The body may straighten up, finds again its position, the vertical upright position which is the very nature of the human being.Retour ligne automatique
Samara yoga is practiced on specially created music and this musical element brings rhythms and structure which enhances the effects on the movements on the body, the organs, all the systems and the psyche.Retour ligne automatique
The movements of Samara yoga are beautiful and in their esthetic dimension, they belong to the science of movements and sacred dances.Retour ligne automatique
Samara yoga combines the effects of yoga to those of meditation and enables us to contact moments of Eternity, as out of time.

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